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aro_rt_f93.gif (869 bytes)Spike (MD11) herd sire 1999-2000

Spike's sire is Buster (Y-128) and he is a half brother to the Bull Tommy Horn.

Grandsire Wolfgang Such

DOB May 28,1996

Photo 12/22/01


Lucky (13) herd sirearo_rt_f93.gif (869 bytes) 1998,2000,2001

Lucky's sire is El Don Quixote

Grandsire Kikino

DOB June 13,1995

Photo Dec. 22, 2001

elk j40

J40 Future Herd Sire aro_up_f93.gif (869 bytes)

Sire Chief Dakota - Dam Odessa(610)

Dam's Sire Odyssey, Grandsire Homer

J40 DOB June 12,1999

Photo Dec. 2001

Bruno (J9) Herd Sire 2001 aro_rt_f93.gif (865 bytes)

Sire Snowflake (19-2) Dame 717

19-2 Sire King Bally, Grandsire Jermiah

19-2 Dam W19 - W19 sire Dakota Pride

717 Sire Moonshine, Grandsire White Lighting

Bruno (J9) DOB July 5,1999

Photo Dec. 18, 2001

aro_rt_f93.gif (118 bytes)Lucky (13) in velvet

@ 3 years old.

cut June 24, 1998 at 63 days 14.5 lbs.

Picture taken June 24



Lucky 13


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