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Hi!  Thanks for visiting our web site.

     Cindy and I would like to give you a little background on how we started raising elk. We bought our first animals in March of 1996, four bulls. We started fencing that spring and our bulls were delivered in the summer. In Dec. of 1996 my brother Anthony purchased a bred heifer and Cindy and I purchased two bred heifers. After a trip to an Iowa elk sale, the ND elk sales and a few animals from area ranches, we now have a herd of over 50.

Cindy's mother Georgia has been a big part of our endeavor. It is her land that we have fenced, an old gravel pit that was used in the 60's to pave US Highway 83. The area has regenerated and makes a perfect pasture for elk. Our elk are on the south side of Cut Bank Creek and in May of 2000 Cindy and I moved into our new home that is on the north side of Cut Bank Creek on a hill overlooking the elk.

Emery and Cindy

The elk industry is very exciting and many wonderful people are part of it. If you are in the area please stop by for a cup of coffee and a tour of our elk ranch.

If you have any questions email us or give us a call. Once again thanks for taking the time to view our site.

Emery & Cindy Duben

Anthony Duben

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